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Research facilities

Analytical Facilities Available at UCT

UCT Facilties Database

The Research Facilities database contains information on major items of equipment that may be of interest to researchers in addition to those in the department in which the facility is housed. In many cases this equipment is available for use by researchers in other departments and in general there will be charges for such use. Many facilities will require a researcher to be trained in the usage of the equipment before it is made available to them and in some cases the equipment may only be operated by staff of that facility on behalf of an external researcher.

The departments housing the facility concerned have provided the information in this database and any queries should be directed to the contact persons listed for that facility. Please note that some of the information in the database may not be current and we are in the process of updating this information.

The UCT Facilities Database is openly accessible for viewing equipment details. Please click here to browse the database. For more information see the overview of research facilities database.

If you are a facility manager who needs to update or add new information to the Research Facilities database, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk using any of the following methods.

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