Enter the Microsoft Open Source Challenge

18 Feb 2016 - 10:00

Suppose you could use the latest software from one of the best research laboratories in the world? Microsoft Research has over fifty Photo: keep calm and use open sourceprojects that span the range of computer science from artificial intelligence to visualization, from cryptography to programming models. 

In these projects, the researchers have created open source tools and made them available for all. The objective of this challenge is to make the tools widely known and available and to elicit exceptional ideas from bright students around the world.

Microsoft Research's open source tools are ready to solve your problems and the problems in science and society today.

In the challenge you will use any of the open source tools listed in the Microsoft Open Source Portal to solve a novel problem, and then report on your findings.

To enter you need to think of a project; acquire the tool and work on it to solve your problem. Finally, write a report about your findings and submit it. Your report submission will enter you into the Challenge.

In the report, present a description of the project including goals, methods, challenges, and any result obtained using your chosen tool.  

The Challenge is open to students at colleges and universities world-wide (with a few restrictions) and aged 18+. No purchase necessary

Deadline 11 April 2016

For more information visit the  Microsoft Research Challenge page