UEC Research Equipment Call for 2019

7 Dec 2018 - 11:45

Deadline for Applications to Faculty Equipment Committees: 22 February 2019

(Please send queries to your Faculty Equipment Committee representative – see table below)


The purpose of these grants are to provide funding to faculties for prioritised pieces of large research equipment. The University Equipment Committee (UEC) considers applications from Faculties for strategic equipment items that are not covered in the conventional way by Faculty Equipment Committees.


UCT researchers are eligible to apply if they are:

·   Permanent academic staff; or

·   Joint PGWC/UCT academic staff in Health Sciences on UCT Conditions of Service (excluding registrars).

Honorary Research Associates; Emeritus Professors; Emeritus Associate Professors; Honorary Professors; Honorary Associate Professors and Senior Research Scholars are NOT eligible to apply.

Those who wish to have access to new equipment must form part of research groupings and may not be the Principal Applicant.

Submission process:

  • The applicant must only use the correct and most recent application form for this call R&I18 downloadable from http://www.forms.uct.ac.za/ri18.docPlease read the first page of the form carefully and complete all sections.
  • Department/individual researchers must make applications directly to the Faculty Equipment Committee, who will prioritize applications before they reach the UEC.

Details of the Faculty Equipment Committee representatives


UEC Representative

Contact details


Prof K Thomas


Email: kevin.thomas@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-4104

Health Sciences

Prof J Blackburn


Email: jonathan.blackburn@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-4574


Prof J-P van Belle


Email: jean-paul.vanbelle@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-4260


Prof A Mainza


Email:  aubrey.mainza@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-5511


Prof S Richardson


Email:  steve.richardson@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-2921/2916


Prof D Smythe

Email:  dee.smythe@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650-5680


Ms S. Lee Pan

Email:  Sam.leepan@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650 3983


  • The application form must be accompanied by at least two recent quotes.
  • The application must describe how the equipment will advance the research strategies of the University, the Faculty, and the Department.
  • The motivation must include that the appropriate infrastructural support and staffing has been investigated, and that the physical space required is available.  
  • The applicant must ensure that the complete and correctly endorsed application reaches the Faculty Equipment Committee by 22 February 2019. Please submit your application via email or in hardcopy to your Faculty Equipment Committee Representative.
  • The Faculty Equipment Committee prioritizes the requests and submits the applications to the UEC via the Research Office. Faculty representatives must email endorsed applications to researchfunding@uct.ac.za.
  • The Research Office will not accept late, retrospective or ad hoc applications.  

Award Conditions:

  • The University Equipment Committee will not be responsible for currency differences caused by delays in purchasing equipment.
  • In the event that there is a saving due to currency differences, excess funds must be returned to the UEC.
  • Copies of the invoices of the final amounts must be submitted to the Research Office.
  • A report on the expenditure of this equipment award is required to be submitted to the UEC by November 2019.


  • Applications to reach the Faculty Equipment Committee Representative: 22 February 2019
  • Faculty Equipment Committees to submit prioritised applications to the Research Office for UEC review: 20 March 2019
  • Funding outcome to Faculty Equipment Committee Representatives:  late April 2019


  • Due to changes in the funding structure of the UEC, there is likely to be a second call for large equipment grants in May 2019 for funding in January 2020.