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The demands of data-intensive research represent a challenge for diverse scientific communities. Today, some areas of science are facing hundred- to thousand-fold increases in data volumes, from satellites, telescopes, microscopes, high-throughput instruments, sensor networks, accelerators and supercomputers, compared to the volumes generated only a decade ago. Other research fields also face major data management challenges. In almost every laboratory, ‘born digital’ data proliferate in files, spreadsheets or databases stored on hard drives, digital notebooks, websites, blogs and wikis. The management, curation and archiving of these digital data are becoming increasingly burdensome for research scientists.

UCT eResearch solution

To assist researchers at UCT we have established the infrastructure to provide huge pools of research data storage at a hugely discounted price. The data is stored on Dell MD3060 storage arrays, hosted in the highly secure Upper Campus Data Centre. A copy of the data is replicated to UCT storage array in the Neotel (Liquid Telecom) data centre in Diep River, Cape Town. Secure access to your data is provided via your UCT credentials and you have access to your data from anywhere in the world.

Ordering data storage

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Data storage costs

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Our data storage architecture

UCT research data storage