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eResearch training

eResearch offers a number of opportunities for training in scientific computing. 

eResearch emerging researcher series

eResearch offers a series of seminars run through the Emerging Researcher Programme (ERP). These training seminars are reserved for UCT staff only, and geared for emerging and early-career researchers.

The training seminar presentations are available below. Click on the name of the presenter for specific presentations within a theme. 




1. What is eResearch? Dale Peters An introduction to the services available throughout the research lifecycle from proposal to publication. 
2. Useful storage options and       research tools Ashley Rustin and Heine de Jager Experiment with available tools and services that make  research so much easier. 
3. How to make your research "open"

Jill Claassen
Niklas Zimmer

Learn how to apply best practice principles in scholarly  publishing to identify trusted journals and share your research data.

4. The limits of openness: providing  secure access to sensitive data 

Lyn Horn
Thomas King

Tips and pointers on protecting privacy, confidentiality, and  intellectual property. 

Basic and advanced Linux programmes

  • Run several times a year in conjunction with our High Performance Computing (HPC) training.
  • The advanced course covers specifics necessary for installing software and using UCT’s HPC facilities. We aim to have you running jobs on the cluster by the end of your training.  
  • Course schedules and lecture materials are made available on the HPC website:
  • If there is sufficient interest from your group (at least 20 participants) we can possibly also offer the course outside of the normal schedule.

Domain-specific courses that make use of HPC

  • In addition to offering our own syllabus covering Linux and HPC, we can also help you run courses that make use of our resources, such as cloud or HPC infrastructure. Time on the cluster can be allocated for your course and we have access to well-equipped training labs. We are happy to work with your trainers before they arrive to ensure that the applications you intend to use are installed correctly.  
  • As we are not domain-experts in your field, we rely on members of your group with expertise or the foreign trainers to teach the subject-specific content.

Software carpentry

  • Software carpentry workshops aim to teach basic proficiency in scientific computing and programming.  
  • We intend to host these regularly and now have several accredited trainers in the local region.
  • Read more on software carpentry website

DPMOnline training


For more information email eResearch@uct.ac.za