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What is eResearch?

eResearch is 21st-century discovery through the application of advanced computing and information and communication technologies 

These technology-enabled research practices have become a game changer in the pace and depth of research discoveries -  so much so that gaps are already beginning to appear between those institutions with a clear strategy for effective eResearch support and those that don’t.

In the age of big data and large-scale international collaboration researchers require dedicated, specialist IT support. Without which they risk diverting time and resources into the development and maintenance of potentially substandard or inefficient solutions, or just taking much more time to do meaningful analysis.

Researchers across UCT and South Africa are already responding to this changing landscape. The need for research storage grows substantially each year, across all faculties and disciplines, as does the use of the high-performance computing facilities and demand for specialist support and analysts. UCT eResearch is the university’s response to this changing research landscape.