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What We Offer

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Our capabilities include the following:

Collaboration: tools to ensure researchers can easily collaborate with national and international partners. Contact us for more information.

Consultancy services: these services can be sourced for research and other externally funded projects, either in the temporary deployment of internal resources, or through recruitment agencies, or from service providers listed on the procurement system. Contact us for more information.

Data storage: to assist researchers at UCT we have established the infrastructure to provide huge pools of research data storage at a hugely discounted rate. Read more.

eResearch training: a number of opportunities for training in scientific computing, and for greater understanding of eResearch are available. Read more.

Grant-writing assistance: researchers do not always know from the outset what kind of ICT challenges they may face during the course of a project. Our eResearch analysts can assist to identify and cost IT requirements down the line. Contact us for more information.

High-performance computing: (including virtual machines): a centralised high-performance computing (HPC) resource provides a reliable, scalable and economically viable computing facility to UCT’s researchers. See our website for more.

Research data management: we offer tools and practices that support robust management of data through the entire research lifecycle, including electronic publication. See website for more.

Visualisation: capacity to interact with and analyse data in large-scale visual formats. Contact us for more information.


For more information about costs of above services, please see our chargeback model.