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The Team

Dale Peters

Dr Dale Peters, Director, eResearch

Peters took over as Interim Director of UCT eResearch in 2016. In 2017 she was permanently appointed into the position. Prior to this she served as Deputy Director, Technical Services in the UCT Libraries. She holds a transdisciplinary PhD in Library and Information Sciences, with a co-supervisor in Analytical Chemistry.  Prior to joining UCT in 2013 she spearheaded an EU-funded e-infrastructure project called DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research). She also previously led the Digital Innovation South Africa (DISA) project, funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.

Renate Mayer

Renate Meyer, eResearch analyst

Renate Meyer joined UCT in 2001 as an archivist, and later, Director at the Centre for Popular Memory. For the last 5 years she has headed up Special Collections at UCT Libraries. During her time at UCT Renate has been at the forefront of developing and managing transdisciplinary digital humanities and scholarship projects and advocating for the preservation, curation and visualisation of UCT primary research outputs. Renate has a Fine Arts Degree, a Masters in History and is currently completing a Masters in Public Health.

Information and Communication Technology Services

Ashley Rustin

Ashley Rustin: Senior eResearch Technical Specialist

Ashley Rustin joined UCT in 1999 as a Novell systems engineer in ICTS after eight years working as a school teacher in the Western Cape. He worked his way up to become a senior technical specialist in the computing platforms team. In his present position Ashley engages with researchers, advising on the best technologies to enhance research output. His role is to understand the IT requirements of researchers and work with them to design and implement solutions.

Heine De Jager

Heine de Jager: Senior eResearch Technical Specialist

Heine de Jager started at UCT in September 2012 providing HPC and general Linux operating system support. He was seconded to eResearch in December 2013. In his role as eResearch support specialist, de Jager continues to offer HPC support, but also provides implementation support for various systems and software to enhance research at UCT. Prior to joining UCT de Jager spent four and a half years at University Stellenbosch managing multiple HPC clusters and their identity management solutions

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis: Senior Technical Specialist

Andrew Lewis has been at UCT since 1997. He was been involved with HPC at the university since 2009 and prior to joining the eResearch team Lewis was a Linux operating systems administrator within ICTS. At eResearch, Lewis designs, builds and maintains HPC clusters. He helps users with data management as well as software installation and general support. Lewis also maintains the SAGrid infrastructure at UCT.

Timothy Carr

Timothy Carr: Senior eResearch Technical Specialist

Carr began his career at UCT in 2000 as a computer lab administrator in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. In his 15 years at the university he has been a part of a number of ICT infrastructure developments, including HPC. Carr was one of the first members of the eResearch team prior to its official formation in March 2014. Before he joined the eResearch team, Carr worked in computing platforms focused on the administration of Unix/Linux systems and critical university administrative systems.

Research Office

Natalie Simon

Natalie Simon: Senior Communications Officer: Data-intensive Research

Natalie Simon is a specialist communications officer for the various projects led by UCT to support data-intensive research. She joined UCT in November 2014 after working as a journalist and freelance writer. She holds a qualification in multimedia journalism as well as an honours degree in political studies from UCT. She is presently completing her master’s degree in political communication at UCT.

Inter-university Institute for Data-Intensive Research (IDIA)

Adrianna Pinska

Adrianna Pinska: Python Programmer

Adrianna Pinska is python programmer for UCT eResearch. Her role is to work with researchers to assist in developing software according to their specific needs. Adrianna is also involved in the Software Carpentry Workshops, helping train researchers to code. She is currently completing a Masters thesis in Computer Science. Before returning to UCT to complete her Masters degree she worked as a Java, Perl and Python developer for several years, most recently at the Karoo Array Telescope, part of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project in the Northern Cape, South Africa.