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About Us

UCT eResearch Core PartnershipsUCT eResearch is a partner and a broker: working with researchers to find and develop the most efficient IT solutions to enable research discovery in the 21st -century. 


eResearch as a partner

UCT eResearch works with key research groups and facilities, such as Oceanography, Mineral Law in Africa  and the Clinical Research Centre to design and develop customised ICT solutions. In this role UCT eResearch will partner with researchers at the grant writing stage to identify and cost the necessary ICT requirements and then ensure those solutions are delivered in the right way and at the right time.

eResearch as a broker

UCT eResearch works as a broker: connecting researchers to the right ICT solutions. Sometimes it is a simple question of introducing researchers to the latest available software to assist their research needs, or sometimes we will reach out to partners other institutions to create a national research solution. UCT eResearch is about building partnerships to connect research.