Apply now for High Performance Computing School 2015
The Centre for High Performance Computing is pleased to announce the 7th high performance computing (HPC) school for graduate students. HPC School 2015 will run from 28 June to 3 July 2015. Applications close 31 May.
Software Carpentry Workshop to be hosted at UCT
UCT eResearch and Talarify are pleased to invite postgraduate students and researchers to the Software Carpentry Workshop hosted at UCT in July 2015. This hands-on workshop will help researchers learn basic lab skills for scientific computing. The...
Microsoft 2015 Technical Boot Camps
Registration now open for the 2015 Microsoft Technical Boot Camps. Microsoft is offering a variety of boot camps in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This technical event will provide Microsoft customers with technical learning, insight and networking...
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eRC News

Grand Challenge Problems and HPC

How do we accurately measure changes in sea level or assess what impact decreased carbon emissions will have on the earth? In order to help find answers to these and other questions, researchers have to do hundreds of billions or even trillions of computations in a short period of time. Read more


Olympus Virtual Microscope Taking Health Sciences To The Next Level

UCT eResearch partners not only with individual researchers and research groups, but also with faculties and departments to provide technological hubs for researchers. Departments across UCT are acquiring technology that is changing the face of research. Read more


eResearch: Advancing Clinical Research at UCT

In 2014 UCT eResearch collaborated with the Clinical Research Centre at UCT, in partnership with the Medicines for Malaria Venture, to establish one of the few first-in-human clinical trial sites on African soil. Read more



Empowering The Continent: The African Mining Legislation Atlas

The African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) aims to collect and process all of Africa's mining law and regulations into an easily accessible online database. It will provide comparative data on mineral law legislation and regulation across the continent. UCT eResearch is assisting with the technical aspects of the project.  Read more


Accelerating Research: HPC Training at UCT

HPC is a broad term referring to any computational activity that requires more than a single computer to execute a task. HPC offers researchers the capacity to handle and analyse enormous data sets at very high speeds. Read more


Meeting The Needs Of The 21st Century Researcher

Picture the sheer size of the dataset collected by astrophysicists as they try to map the very fabric of the universe. Then imagine the challenges of sharing that data with hundreds of researchers across the globe.  Or ask yourself, what potential impact a research data cloud in Africa could have on scientific research output? Read more